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Server Down!

'Why can't I log in!?'
'What the hell is up with the server?'
'Can somebody fix this?'

The server, as you most likely know, is down for now and perhaps for a while. Haineko and Benihime are both in a very weak position (financially) and do not have the thirty dollars for monthly upkeep/hosting. We, unfortunately, do not really have a way to know when the game will come back up or if it has finally taken its last gasp.

We do have a player that has stated they can get a server for a game for pretty cheap or almost nothing and we have discussed moving there for a theme reboot to possibly energize or reinvigorate a playerbase to return or apply to join (I imagine there will be apps, we also need a codebase and programmer for this). Nothing is concrete at the moment and I wish I had a place to tell you to meet up with us all but as it is right now we have no home. You can always find me on AIM (Shamboze) if you need something or if you want to just start up a daily chatroom for the few of us who remain despite the trouble we've had.

I have a means to contact Ichigo, Momo, Nemu, Ikkaku, Byakuya, Yumichika, Yammy, Kuukaku (depending if she is on skype), Ukitake (ditto), Nnoitra, Hiyori, Yachiru, and Haineko (if she has logged on AIM, well this sort of counts for everyone, really) but those of you who read this make sure and spread the word if anyone is wondering what the hell is going on.

The most likely thing (in the interim) is that we'll make some AOL group chat or something and try and convene there to weather this storm or find a new home.

The Game

This is just a plea for more people to come and join us, we miss every single one of you who doesn't log in as often as the rest of us. I really want to see this game get back to the way it was, desperately. I've been trying to track down who added the BMU listing to Mudconnect.com so we can actually try and get the address changed there, I've tried contacting their administration and have yet to hear back, unfortunately.

If you know who or were the one who added us there we could use the help having it modified to reflect the server change.

"www.bleachmu.net Port 3600"

We actually lucked out on one guest finding us through here: http://mudstats.com/Game/BleachedMux.aspx

But we need staff to be active (perhaps they're just always dark) to accept applications and to get applications we need players, to get players we need a combined effort to visit our game again and help pull it from the grave. I have shown a (probably over-strong) a lot of interest in reviving what we had and I am asking you all, staff or player, to come visit us and help flesh the game out again. The cycle has to start somewhere and I can't do it on my own, nor with just the help of Byakuya and Aizen and Grimmjow and Kuukaku. We miss all of you and I've sent a couple of you emails asking this much. Come see us, come pop in, I have no idea if we have appstaff or not but we really need to get this train moving before it's dead on the tracks.


OH HAY- Server Update

Hey kids, if you weren't aware of it yet, gamey has been successfully moved.

We are now at: www.bleachmu.net Port 3600


Hi guys!

I really apologize, this was supposed to be posted as an announcement on the game itself before it went down, but due to some confusion I didn't get it up in time.

For those of you who don't know what's going on, the server that was hosting our game had to be decommissioned -- a friend of the staff was kind enough to host it this long for free -- so I'm in the process of setting everything up on a new server.

The game is not going away permanently -- if all goes well, it should be back up sometime this week.

Thank you so much for being patient, and we'll try to get things back up and running ASAP.

-- Haineko
I took the advice of Hiyori and went ahead and posted advertisements to Bleach Theatre and Soul_Society for the monthly advert, hopefully this will bring in more players-- hopefully it will bring you all back!


BMU wants YOU! (Yes, even you)

I have been racking my brain lately about how to get the word out and wave a big 'HEY COME SEE US' flag about for a large amount of people. I've been voting daily on TMC for us and we've made a jump of over a hundred places just on that alone-- I'd like to think we've gotten a few recent guests from that alone-- perhaps the mud-inclined ones.

I was checking MU* listings and the LJ community came up a lot using google to search around and I noticed he have a hell of a lot of people (possibly active, maybe not) watching the community and I figured I would just go ahead and wave the 'HEY COME SEE US' flag here.

We're pretty low on players at the moment and this only cripples the advancement of plots and possibly ruins morale-- a lot of people seem to be busy with other games or fandoms and I just want to plant the flag in your front yard and scream at you all: We want players.

If you're interested, come by and check us out if you've never been there, used to be there, or whatever else. Provided you aren't one of about four people, I am pretty sure we have nothing but open arms for new players. We have a lot of good FC slots open and surely you can find someone you like-- there are always OCs, if not.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that we want you to come join the game and help us get it kicking again.


or connect straight to us via:  port: 2160

Come on, people.

Shinigami Hitlist

Because I was bored, and having a quick ref. is always nice. Italicized names are OCs.

[[1st Division]]

Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto - Captain
Iesada Satsue - 6th Seat
Masayume Nozomi - 7th Seat

[[2nd Division]]

Uegami Sazaeno - Onmitsukidou, Keiratai (4th Division)
Hazekada Okiko - Onmitsukidou

[[3rd Division]]

Kira Izuru - Vice Captain
Hitohiko - 10th Seat
Taketani Miriri - 17th Seat

[[4th Division]]

Unohana Retsu - Captain
Yamada Hanatarou - 7th Seat
Ishamoto Iki - 16th Seat
Mikazuki Miyo - 18th Seat

[[5th Division]]

Hinamori Momo - Vice Captain
Aono Kei - 7th Seat

[[6th Division]]

Kuchiki Byakuya - Captain
Abarai Renji - Vice Captain
Kondo Seimei - 10th Seat

[[7th Division]]

Komamura Sajin - Captain

[[8th Division]]

Kyouraku Shunsui - Captain
Ise Nanao - Vice Captain
Yahanshu Annai - 13th Seat

[[9th Division]]

Hisagi Shuuhei - Vice Captain
Okazaki Masa - 6th Seat
Watano Seyuse

[[10th Division]]

Hitsugaya Toushirou - Captain
Matsumoto Rangiku - Vice Captain
Mishima Jakkaru - 6th Seat

[[11th Division]]

Zaraki Kenpachi - Captain
Kusajishi Yachiru - Vice Captain
Madarame Ikkaku - 3rd Seat

[[12th Division]]

Kurotsuchi Mayuri - Captain
Kurotsuchi Nemu - Vice Captain
Hineno Chomei - 18th Seat
Tsubokura Rin

[[13th Division]]

Ukitake Jyuushirou - Captain
*Shiba Kaien - Former Vice Captain
Shirohana Keitaro - 8th Seat
Katamari Endoso
Kuchiki Rukia

*He's dead, Jim.


OC Academy Profile Information REDUX!!

Yeah, remember those questions Hainey asked you guys to fill out a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? Well, renewing the attempt to put up the Academy character profiles, so if you would be so kind as to fill out the following info and @mail to me (Pantera), then it'd be greatly appreciated!!

This applies to Academy OCs. :3

Needed Info HereCollapse )

If I don't get info from people, I will hound you for it. <3

Player Poll

Would you like to see any plots not exclusive to the manga only included in the game storyline? This includes filler arcs from the anime, and Bleach movie and video game storylines.

Yes, I would love to see all filler recognized and included.
Yes, I would like some filler plots included, but I only like specific ones.*
No, I think we should only recognize manga plot.

Other / comments (limit 250 characters):

*A vote will be held on which ones to include if this is the majority vote.